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Early on, we found a personal love for home decor and design. When looking for the perfect furniture and home decor pieces, we quickly realized that it is difficult to find the ideal piece that fit our visions. We found ourselves compromising on quality, color, size and/or design.

We believe that, if you have a vision, it should be able to become a reality. We want to bring your dreams & visions to reality in a way that compliments your home or business and creates focal pieces that you and your family/clients will enjoy for years to come.


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The Hollands

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” -George A. Moore

We are proud to be a family owned and run business. We love to incorporate our children into our business and instill a solid work ethic in each of them. When we aren't working on projects, we love to watch movies, workout, listen to music and play board games.

Mark, CEO & Project Coordinator: 

Mark's main role with CAY&Pdesign is connecting with clients to understand their project ideas and then make them come to life. Mark's love of woodworking also plays an important part in the business.

Amy, Social Media and Connection Coordinator:

Amy is a people-person at heart and loves connecting with clients to help make their dreams a reality. Besides, communicating directly with clients, Amy's role in connecting with clients also involves engagement through social media.

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Cayden, Design Assistant

(the "CAY" in CAY&Pdesign):

Cayden has loved art from a young age. He brings a love of color and design to each project.

Parker, Building Assistant

(the "P" in CAY&Pdesign):

Early on, Parker began asking questions about tools and building processes. He continues to enjoy helping in the workshop. 

Paisley, Design Assistant

(also, the "P" in CAY&Pdesign):

Besides bringing cuteness to each project, Paisley serves as our motivation to continue working hard.

Fireplace project
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Custom Designs

Dream and design the perfect furniture or home decor piece from beginning to end! The piece is yours in every sense of the word.

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Online Store

Check out our online products. Our home decor will help complete your favorite spaces!

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